Network Design and Installation

Our design department can design your network from the ground up. From single floor offices, to entire multi-floor buildings, to entire campus networks. We can also include network hardware like switches, routers and UTM (Unified Threat Management) devices as well as power quality devices like UPS systems and power conditioners in your network design.

Don't live with a Rack that looks like this.

Don't live with a Rack that looks like this.

When we can make it look like this.

When we can make it look like this.

Data Cabling Installation and Testing

Interior Communications Contractors is certified with both Leviton and Panduit Telecom Products. That means that every data run we install with these products can be protected by a limited lifetime warranty. We test every run we install using our Fluke DTX 1800 data tester, and ensure they meet ANSI/TIA Telecommunication Standards. Once the runs have passed the tests they are eligible for the manufactures warranty.  No installer can offer these warranties without being certified by the manufacturer.


Fiber Optic Networks

Interior Communications Contractors designs and installs Fiber Optic networks with the same quality and care as our copper installations. We have completed inside plant as well as outside plant fiber optic installations all over the interior of BC.

Using quality Leviton and Panduit Fiber Optic Connectors and quality cable manufacturers like Corning and General Cable you can be assured of a quality fiber optic installation that will last for years to come.

If you want to upgrade or "future proof" your network or you have a long distance data run within your office or between buildings, let us give you a quote on running Fiber. We can test any Multi-Mode and Single-Mode Fiber for you with our Fluke DTX 1800 Fiber Optic Power-Loss and OTDR Tester.


Wireless Networks and Point to Point Links

Interior Communications Contractors can install wireless networks in small offices to large, multi-story buildings. We also have considerable experience working with point to point links. Whether it be a network link between two buildings on the same site or across the valley, If you need to get data from one location to another, we have the solution! Contact Us with your specific requirements and we will design a custom solution, no matter what size the application may be.

We have installed guyed and self standing towers throughout the Okanagan Valley. These towers have enabled us to provide High speed long range point to point links of up to 1.4+ GBPS using Ubiquiti AirMax and AirFiber products.

Vernon tower.jpg

Closed Captioned Video

Interior Communications Contractors has considerable knowledge in the design, setup and installation of network video surveillance equipment.  We are Hikvision Certified Silver Partners, giving us access to design and training support from one of the worlds largest video surveillance suppliers.  We are also AXIS Communications partners, so you know that we can stand behind everything we install.  From small to larger enterprise level systems we can also implement a Milestone video management software solution to meet your company's unique needs.  Whether your looking for a small single camera system up to large enterprise video surveillance solutions we can design and implement a system for you. 



Hik silver.png

Hikvision offers innovative video surveillance solutions for projects of every size: single camera to enterprise and everything in between.  Hikvision designs, develops, and manufactures innovative standard- and high-definition cameras, including a variety of Smart IP recorders and cameras with infrared, wide dynamic range, facial detection, object counting, and intrusion detection capabilities. Easily meeting all bandwidth and storage utilization requirements, Their Smart IP Camera Series offers unparalleled image quality and customer convenience.  Additionally, Hikvision’s Smart PTZ cameras incorporate proprietary image signal processing technology and use progressive scan sensors to deliver true color representation and clear images of fast-moving objects. Hikvision’s product suite also includes digital video servers, hybrid and standalone DVRs, NVRs, speed domes, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems and CCTV technology for both indoor and outdoor use.  Renowned across the globe, Hikvision systems are currently installed in more than 100 countries on six continents.  Since August of 2015, Hikvision Canada has enjoyed staggering growth, seeing rapid expansion throughout Québec, Ontario, the Prairies, the Maritimes, and British Columbia. Its impressive line of innovative surveillance solutions feature high-end and high-performance products geared to the Canadian market.


Axis Communications

Constantly breaking new ground Axis is the market leader in network video. They invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996 and they’ve been innovators in video surveillance ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world.  Axis offers the market’s broadest and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras.  Axis' cameras cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates, to discreet products for sensitive environments.  The cameras provide a number of capabilities – HDTV, wide dynamic range, infrared and Lightfinder to name a few – which ensure clear video even in difficult lighting conditions. Axis' cameras also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.


Milestone Xprotect Video Management Software

Power Quality

Interior Communications Contractors recommends quality Liebert UPS and power conditioning sytems for Protection of your computer or network servers. Liebert's UPS's are by far one of the best UPS's on the market. From Offline to Line Interactive to fully Online protection Liebert will protect your network!



Liebert  Surge Protective Devices

Transient impulses like those caused by lightning or utility grid switching can produce high-energy events that adversely affect your facility’s incoming power. These disturbances will then propagate throughout your facility and ultimately place each panel and the panel’s downstream equipment at risk. Numerous standards exist which address these concerns by recommending coordinated protection throughout your facility. Emerson Network Power has developed a series of products to specifically address these potentially damaging power disturbances. Let us help you implement Lieberts 3-Step approach to ensure the recommended cascading surge protection to protect your facility .


Liebert GXT4 UPS

Liebert GXT4, a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous high quality AC power to connected equipment.  It eliminates a wide range of potential power problems: spikes, surges and extended over-voltage, noise and other transients, sags and brownouts...even difficult-to-track harmonics and dangerous frequency variations that are common with standby generator operation.



Liebert APS UPS

The APS power system is a scalable 5 to 20 kVA UPS, designed with N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection. Its modular design was devised to provide easy scalability to users as their power demands grow. Configurations can be cost-effectively upgraded without re-investing in a new system or installation.




Building Access Control

Interior Communications Contractors is Kantech Corporate Edition Certified, allowing us to design and install complete door access systems.  Whether you need to control one door, multiple doors in one building, or many doors in several buildings, we can design and implement a system to fit your needs. We can even integrate your door access with video to give you complete seamless management and video tracking of access to your facilities.


Kantech Systems

Founded in 1986, Kantech (part of Tyco Security Products) designs, markets and supports integrated access control technologies. Kantech's solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the EntraPass access control software combines with the powerful KT-1 or KT-400 door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale applications. For additional convenience and security, Kantech solutions can easily link to video management systems to provide an integrated access control and video solution.

VOIP Phone Systems

Interior Communications Contractors is now offering VOIP Communications products and is proud to provide Grandstream award-winning products to our customers.


Grandstream Networks Products

Grandstream products have been connecting the world since 2002. They offer a wide range of SIP unified communications products with many different applications andare well-known throughout the industry for quality, reliability and innovation. Their award-winning solutions serve the small and medium business and enterprises markets.  Grandstream solutions lower communication costs, increase security protection and enhance productivity. Their open standard SIP-based products offer unrivaled features, flexibility and price competitiveness.




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